Month: March 2018

Community Involvement: South Texas College Visits Valley Plastics

A teacher smiles for the camera with her new plastic discovery.

On February 9th, 2018, Teachers & staff scavenged our halls for diverse plastics with hopes of up-cycling decorative pieces in the classroom. Amongst some of the materials used for their classroom were: PVC, LDPE, and OCC. But classroom decoration wasn’t the only reason behind their visit to Valley Plastics. On February 28th, The Child Development Center hosted their annual art walk, where students between the ages of 1 -5 years of age, showcased their creativity and visions. All art works were created with materials donated by Valley Plastics & Paper Recycling. The art show took place at the South Texas College Mid-Valley Campus, as ornaments and colorful designs filled the halls. Overall, both events were a success & fun. Valley Plastics & Paper Recycling would like to thank STC’s Child Development Center for visiting us. We would like to specially thank Mrs. Serrano & Ms. Villagran for their outreach and making this rewarding experience possible.


Children playing with a plastic tray collected from Valley Plastics, as they use it as a sand table.

Insight behind STC’s Development Center: The Child Development Center is one of the many programs South Texas College offers. The program specializes in high quality early care for children of all students and faculty/staff  of STC. Their vision is to create a better quality of life for the children. Some of the activities they practice are “sand and water play, blocks, music and movement, outdoors, technology, construction, art, dramatic play, library, science, math, and language” To learn more about South Texas College’s Child Development Center visit them at: .


More pictures below! 

February 28: Densified EPS painted by the program’s students.
February 28,2018: EPS painted letters wandered around the exhibition.
February 28, 2018: Paintings taped on gaylord boxes for showcasing during the program’s art show.
February 09, 2018: South Texas College teachers & staff pose as a group on their February 9th Valley Plastics tour.



PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Dark Blue Regrind


El primer material es: PVC RIGID DARK BLUE REGRIND, 40,000 libras disponibles cada 3 meses.




Semi Rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Blue Tint Regrind



El segundo material es: SEMI RIGID PVC BLUE TINT REGRIND 80,000 libras disponibles mensualmente.




Lláme ahora para más información al 956-630-0042 o envíenos un correo electrónico a


We are starting out the month of March well and great with these 2 new plastics!


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Dark Blue Regrind


Our first material is PVC RIGID DARK BLUE REGRIND available at 40,000 lbs. every 3 months.




Semi Rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Blue Tint Regrind



Our second material is SEMI RIGID PVC BLUE TINT REGRIND available at 80,000 lbs. monthly.




Call us now for more information at: 956-630-0042 or e-mail us at .