Learn about Valley Plastics & Paper Recycling

Although Valley Plastics and Paper Recycling, Inc. was established in late 2007, the founder and majority shareholder John Aspland had initially established his first recycling business in 1991. That business, Adirondack Plastics and Recycling, Inc., started in a barn in Aspland’s back yard and now has two shredding and grinding systems working two shifts five days a week in a 90,000 sq. ft. Facility in Argyle, NY. As experience was gained and additional opportunities identified the business expanded on a yearly basis. Always looking for new business opportunities Aspland started looking to expand his recycling business into other markets and after 12 months of research and the help of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation he choose McAllen, TX for his second recycling business.

This expansion has been a great decision for the business and the recycling needs of industries that generate plastic and paper waste located in the Rio Grande Valley. Now that Valley Plastics has established itself as a professional recycler in the Valley it is looking to expand further into the interior of Mexico to service more Mexican and American owned manufactures in that region.