FAQs from Sellers
Do you pick up scrap, or do we need to deliver it?
We work both ways, according to our customers’ needs. We can pick up by appointment, spot trailers at our customers’ locations, or have the scrap delivered to our plant.
What kind of plastics do you buy?
We accept a wide variety of plastics, including commodity grades and engineering resins in different forms such as parts, runners, lumps, purge, floor sweeps and obsolete resins.
Do you service plants in Mexico?
Yes, we do! We’re strategically located at the border and have the knowledge to help you export scrap back to the US to comply with USMCA agreement requirements.
What is the minimum amount of plastic you buy?
We buy truckloads of plastic. Depending on the material, a load can range from 10,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds.
I have plastic bags and bottles I collect at home. Do you buy these?
Sorry, we don’t take household plastics or cardboard. We applaud your recycling efforts and encourage you to contact your local authorities. They may have a post-consumer plastics segregation program.
FAQs from Buyers
Do you deliver materials or do I need to pick up?
We work both ways, according to our customers’ needs. The freight cost is added to the product’s price.
Do you export to Mexico?
Yes, we do! Even if you have no experience exporting to Mexico, we can help. Put our years of expertise and our fluent Spanish skills to work for you.
Ustedes pueden entregar productos en México?
Sí podemos. Lo hemos hecho durante años y tenemos la experiencia necesaria. Contáctanos, podemos trabajar contigo si no tienes experiencia en importación.